Broken Wing

Just a note to say that I will be taking a break (pardon the pun) from posting (but not for too long-can’t keep a gal down).
A few days ago I broke my arm. The down-side is a serious curtailment of my usual high-energy, productive days. The up-side is a heightened appreciation of what some people deal with permanently, gratitude that the breaks will heal & that it is my non-dominant hand. It will be a good lesson in patience & humility, and this will give an opportunity for this strong-willed, independent lady to graciously accept help.
Isn’t life simply amazing?

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2 Responses to Broken Wing

  1. Wow, Cyndy! It never rains but … it rains some more! What happened??? Does this impact your Shabby Chic and Some Things Pink sale next Sunday?

  2. Sorry to hear about your broken wing… Hope you mend quickly. And start taking some calcium chews now.