Floral Arrangements for Wedding

This is a sampling of the floral arrangements I created for my daughter’s wedding the end of August, 2010. There were over 25 total arrangements plus the bridal bouquet, corsages, and boutonnieres. There were also floating flowers in the 2 water features, 3 potted containers barricading the driveway which I had potted early in the summer (white geraniums, white pansies, and golden groundcover (forget the name right now-helichrysum?). I was making the corsages in my hotel room until 2am on W-Day. Yikes! There was a bit of a feather theme being woven through the decorations so my daughter wanted feathers in her bouquet which blended with her fascinator in her hair. She also wore the 2 crow feathers my late husband and I wore in our hair at our wedding 10 years ago. Transporting all of them took 2 SUV’s with the air conditioning on full blast to keep them from wilting on the 1 1/2 hour drive to site. The amazing piece was between my daughter and my stash, we had all the containers, French flower vases, pedestals, galvanized cones we needed.

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