My Uncensored Studio Space

These photos are areas in my studio, my retreat, my sanctuary.
Quiet moments, fireworks, and dreams occur in this space. A wing was built to the home in order to create a 500+ sq. ft space. All that extra space was heaven as I previously had just a card table. The amazing piece was when I moved in, I managed to fill over 19 drawers and 17 cupboards. Where did it all come from? And the scary thing (according to my 3 adult children) is that I know what is behind each one. As my interests grow, so does the challenge to find a place for everything. But when materials are organized and put away, I can’t find anything. Maybe I work best in delightful disorder and creative chaos-it’s nice to have things out where they can be seen, grabbed, and worked on. Don’t slow me down!

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