Raggedy Ends

Raggedy Ends is the name given to my line of clothing and accessories. The photos are of some of the tops I have up-cycled and embellished. Each top is treated differently. Sometimes the hem is cut, new necklines are made, ruffles/fabric bits are added, or whatever suits my fancy.

The assembled flowers are made into hair clips, hair bands, pin-on’s and wrist cuffs. They can also adorn a hat, purse, or jacket. The layered flowers are a happy blend of textures and random shapes.
The pink flower was made with a method I learned recently. Circles are cut from synthetic fabric and then held close to a candle flame (with a clothespin) to gently burn the edges. I was so fascinated with this method that one night I spent four hours cutting and burning, burning and cutting. Boy-talk about the moth attracted to the flame. Each one burns randomly which is part of the intrigue for me. Maybe the candle flame hypnotized me because I watched re-runs of Seinfeld and Friends while I did it. You can check out the following links to learn more about this method. aloadofoldbogocks.blogspot.com and Mrspriss.com

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