Recent Trip to Florida

I had the good fortune to travel to an enchanting island off the west coast of Florida early in October. The weather was perfect, the water temperature was perfect, the sunsets were perfect, and the shelling was, well, perfect. Shells are abundant and as long as there is not living creature inside, they can be removed. Would you believe that even after collecting bagfulls of shells, I still wanted to keep looking? It was as though a blissful, sweet addiction took hold and you find yourself always stooped over wanting to find just one more and then, just one more, and so on and so on and so on.

Not to be totally on the greedy side, there is a purpose for the shells. They appear in the picture frames, boxes, and wreaths that I sell at craft shows. With the bounty I came home with this time, I can use them liberally which is totally luxurious and wonderful.

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