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It’s been several days since my last posting. Now that blogging is a wonderful part of my world, there’s a new funny niggling feeling that creeps in to my head when I haven’t tended to the blog. It’s an unfamiliar, yet challenging, creative responsibility and I take it very seriously

I have been busy creating product for my upcoming Shabby Chic and Some Things Pink Boutique sale at June’s end. Here are some samples of what I’ve been up to.
I’ve also been embellishing vintage aprons (and making new ones as well), turning children’s shoes into pin cushions,
stuffing burlap rice sacks for pillows, LP records made into pedestal cake stands and so much more.
I purchased a kitschy dark pine armoire yesterday-I plan on painting it white then sanding the edges to “vintage it up.” It will be used for showing the vintage dresses that will be sold at the sale, as well as some of my up-cycled tee’s and tanks
(Raggedy Ends).

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