Tiger Lily Productions

Tiger Lily Productions is my line of home decor accessories with a vintage flair.
I enjoy using paper, glitter, ribbons, lace,
and other fancy stuff.
I usually make only about a dozen or less of anything, as something else captures my imagination and I want to see where I go with it. Much of what I am currently creating is seasonally-based: for instance, birds, nests, eggs, and butterflies appear in the spring. The fanciful shoes are a wire base and were lined with moss and decked out with silk flowers and feathers. I fantasized that Tatania would wear them as she danced with the fairies.
In an earlier post, the local shop (Indie Banditas Bazaar) that sells some of my items was shown. Besides the store, local craft fairs, and direct selling in my studio, I anticipate having a presence on Etsy and would consider wholesale orders. The blue paper bird and floral teacup in the banner are also my creations.

I saw a great quote today:
“We rarely succeed at anything unless we enjoy doing it.” RJ Naus

I have heard it said that if it doesn’t make you laugh or give you goose bumps, it isn’t big enough.
I hope you find something that you enjoy and that gives you goose bumps.

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