Decorative Wooden Clothes Hangers

Oh the joyful simplicity of pretty little things. These decorative wooden clothes hangers give me a thrill every time I see them. What a simple, yet elegant, way to hang special tops. Little things can truly make big differences.

The wooden hangers were stained and then lightly sanded. With rubber letter stamps, selected French sayings were added….accuracy wasn’t necessarily the rule. I chose some phrases that caught my eye: femme fatale, tete-a-tete, mon tresor, bon vivant, c’est bon, and c’est la vie to name a few. Then beautiful sumptuous French moire wired ribbon single loop bows were added to the hanger. The ribbons are the real deal from France and I so appreciate their packaging by being protected with a paper backing. And of course, flowers had to be added. Vintage millinery flowers were the perfect touch. The photo doesn’t show the last thing to be added which were pearls glued to the ends to keep the straps from slipping off the wooden clothes hanger.

These decorative wooden clothes hangers were made specifically to display the up-cycled, reconstructed garments I make. A future posting will show some examples of the clothes.

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