Dried Hydrangea Wreath

This is how I create dried hydrangea wreaths. It is far easier and quicker to poke the dried stems (cut at an angle) into styrofoam than to wire each stem onto a wire form. I use a 16″ styrofoam wreath form and use a generous amount of dried blooms. It usually takes about thirty blooms and finishes to 24″. I will cover the front face first, then the inside curve, and finish with the outside edge. It is incredibly light-weight and I have even used a push pin to keep it on the wall.
But to ensure that it stays on the wall, a longer nail is better.

The wreath will last a couple of years or so. To maintain color, it is best to hang it out of direct sunlight. But by the time it is faded, it pretty much is dusty and home to of a couple of cobwebs. Once I decided to extend the faded wreath by spraying it gold one year, and the next year it became silver. It was “revitalized” and made a great decoration for our holiday home.

One great use for wreaths is to turn them into tabletop decorations. Take the wreath off the wall and place flat on table. Fill center with pillar candles or a punch bowl. Voila! Instant glam!

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