Here are More Places in My Garden

The photos of the white curtins along with the mosquito netting are from the white and romantic part of the garden. The curtins hang from a copper gazebo my late husband made for our wedding and the mosquito netting gracefully embraces the granite bench. There are glass fixtures made into hanging lanterns along with a chandelier that is hung outside as well.
During summer garden parties, over 150 candles are lit which make the garden glow at dusk.

The china cups are on copper stakes. I had them filled with flowers to add punches of color.

My garden emphasizes foliage color (instead of being heavily laden with flowers) and texture. Several beds look the same in January as they do in June, as being evergreen, they continue to glorify the landscape. I also use repetition in the garden to keep it from looking “too spotted.”
I call that the”paint brush scatter” method….too many individual plants making for a busy and unfocused area.

The gravel path has metal brown stepping stones which mirror the brown of the nearby carex.

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