Nine (yes, 9!) Water Features in Our Garden

Water is a very important element to me. The garden also craves the delightful soothing and organic drip drip, splish splash, blup blup sounds of water. This summer we have nine water features that are electrified, hence moving the moving kind. There are over seven reflective and still water bowls. The water features are situated such that wherever I go in the gardens, there is the tantalizing lilt of water splashing. Some drip through a ring of moss and baby tear’s while others careen over stacks of black slate and core-drilled stones.

It is easy to accomplish having a water feature. All you need is a submersible pump, water, plastic tubing, a container to hold water, electricity and some device to feature the water. One of our fountains consists of bamboo while another has a copper tube connected to the outlet valve. The water shoots vertically out of the copper and falls back on itself. I call this one “the dancer.” The water feature close to the yellow-brick road is a whimsical watering can hung with fishing line (so it looks like it is floating) under a moss covered umbrella. I fit the water feature to the theme of the garden room: formal, whimsical, Pacific northwest, Asian. Enjoy!

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