Our Upcoming Garden Tour

I am excited to announce that we are hosting a public tour of our garden. The garden has been several decades in the making and due to a tremendous amount of vision and effort from the family. As the garden has matured and “come into her own,” it is time to put her on display. The photos are a small glimpse of what is in store on the tour. And in spite of a wickedly cold, wet spring, everything should be awake and looking good by tour time. The tour is June 25 and 26, 2011. The garden is located on Bainbridge Island, WA which is west of Seattle in the Puget Sound.

The garden appeared on HGTV “Gardening by the Yard” the summer of 1999 and was featured in the magazine, West Sound Home and Garden, winter 2006/7. Those who have experienced the garden call it “magical, inspirational, and spiritual.” I call it “serious therapy” and “who needs a gym?”

In preparation for the tour, over 200 ferns have been trimmed and 10 yards of gravel are being placed in new pathways. New areas are being developed and established beds are being pruned and groomed. The shotweed and dandelions seem especially vigorous and plentiful this year or am I just noticing them more than before? The garden was neglected for about 2 years, as last year I had a cast on all summer and the previous summer found my late husband recovering from a serious surgery. Hence, not much was accomplished so I am hustling fast and furiously giving the garden a serious “mani, pedi, and hair-do!”. The pile of weeds so far measures about 10’x7′ by 5′ high. Now that is some serious weeding!

There will also be an opportunity to take a peak into The Rabbit Hole (an on-going garage sale situated in a finished side of the garage), Fernwood Studio (where I teach classes and create product for sale) and a special building where Dorothy, Alice, and Cyndy play along with a wreath-making area.

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