Weeds Weeds, Nothing But Weeds!

Photos are of piles of the “plants whose virtues haven’t been discovered yet.”…AKA weeds. This year they seemed loaded with some kind of growth hormone that when plant is picked, a response is triggered and 5 more grow back the next day!

This exercise in futility is for an upcoming garden tour we are hosting. The dates are June 25 and 26, 2011. If spring would come to the Puget Sound then things will really start to pop (including the weeds as well).

The gardens won’t be perfection (can or should gardens ever be?) but the place will be inspiring. The gardens are good examples of what can be done when you have more imagination than money, and more heart than time.

Fernwood Studio (a professional artist studio) and TheRabbitHole (flea market treasures) will be open and available for viewing as well. These are two of the enterprises of my home-based business, Over the Top.

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