Wreath Making with Clamp Machine

This is the easiest way to make wreaths that is almost guaranteed to bring successful results. In fact, I have helped children make one and much to everyone’s delight, the wreath looks beautiful.

A clamp machine is installed in the surface of a sturdy table or counter. Stepping on a pedal under the table moves the “jaws” which squeeze a U-shaped prong to grip and tighten the cluster of foliage that the wreath will be made of.

Photos show a rectangular shaped wreath form and the leaves used are bay laurel. This wreath which measures 21″x16″ was completed in about 15 minutes. The stems were assembled fresh and then dried in place. Circles in all sizes are the most common wreath form, but there are also snowflake, swag, advent candle, trees, and of course, rectangles to choose from.

This is one of the main methods used in making commercial and florist-designed wreaths customarily seen during the holidays with evergreen boughs. I have two machines and make wreaths for all occasions as well as providing wreath-making workshops to the public. All the greens, wreath forms, cones/pods, and ribbons are provided. Shipping boxes are also available to send a personal gift to family and friends.

The next post will show how to make dried hydrangea wreaths.

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