A Birthday Party

I recently hosted a birthday party to celebrate the special days of two of my dear girlfriends. The color scheme was red, red, red, with punches of purple. I decided to keep up many of the Christmas decorations that were red. For instance, two faux trees in the family room remained as they were entirely decorated in red glass balls. The arrangement in the hall corner as seen on previous post was kept as it was all red silk flowers.

I had yards and yards of nylon net and tulle in red and purple so the living room drapes were festooned from end to end along with white wired tiny clear lights. I also had garland upon garland of colorful mylar disks and chains so they went in front of the main table as well as being draped from wall to overhead light. Red netting was made into big bows with long streamers which anchored each corner of the table.  A large glass cylinder held red and purple glass balls along with red glittered stars.

I tried making tissue paper fluff balls. It was as easy as I had hoped. The secret is making sure there are enough paper layers. I found 9 sheets to be the best amount. The paper was fan-folded back and forth, secured in middle with pipe cleaner then each sheet was gently teased apart and pulled toward the center. Some ends were first cut with a scallop and some ends were cut into points. They sat on top of tall pedestals and some hung from the ceiling.

I also searched on-line for words ending in r-e-d. I chose the ones that best described the gals and printed them out, with the “red” ending printed with red ink. With a heart-shaped brad, I affixed the words to red felted wool hearts. These were the party favors along with the darling paper hats one of the birthday girls made for everyone. The picture of me is just before I placed red and purple paper parasols on one of the cakes.

We also wrote our wishes on special paper that got crumbled then rolled into a cyclinder then lit with a match. It magically drifts upward, taking one’s wish to the universe. I also had inspiring (and some sassy) quotes printed in red ink placed in vases filled with chunky red glitter to pull out and enjoy. I did an on-line search for flying wish paper and there it was. Everyone thoroughly loved that activity.

A glorious time was had by all.  Great women, great appetizers, great drinks (pomotini’s, lemon drop martinis and sparkling wine),  and a decadent chocolate cake and my famous carrot cake were enjoyed.

Working full time and finishing the week with a bathroom remodel (I mudded walls, primed, and put on 2 coats of paint) resulted in having limited time to decorate (I wanted to do more!). I couldn’t get around to taking more photos so if other photos appear from guests, I’ll post more images.

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