A Pink Floral Display for Mother’s Day

I am not one for cliche or gender-typing but sometimes us gals have just got to love the color pink. I took these images recently with my Iphone in a friend’s garden, expect for the clematis (my garden). I am certainly not trying to be like Georgia O’Keefe or any other notable painter or photographer, but just someone who appreciates beautiful things and wants to share them.


Think about Pink … sticky cotton candy, bouncy ballerina tulle,  soft-snuggly blankies of youth, my mother’s last sweater, iridescent bubbles in the wind, melted raspberry sherbert, newly-opened cheek blush, soft- pearly insides of shells,  strawberry-stained fingertips, fluffy petticoats, and the  soft “lucsious-ness” of silk charmuese.

Even though I am steadily phasing-out the color in my garden, I still appreciate the femininity of pink; soft pink, screaming fuchsia pink, racy hot pink, bubble gum pink.  It’s one of those colors that seems to  have a scent (sweet) and a feel (soft).  As a young woman, I avoided wearing pink. I was told by older women or read in beauty magazines, that redheads shouldn’t wear pink. Reflecting back, I wonder why I paid attention to what strangers, or the so-called experts, said. As I matured, I was a decided red-head (I decided to dye my hair red to cover the gray) , wore pink and received compliments. Maybe my verve and panache of snubbing the experts gave me an attitude that was noticeable. And really, what woman doesn’t look beautiful in the soft glow of pink candlelight?

So here’s to mothers and women  who grew up in the land of little girl pink; here’s to redheads (natural and decided) wearing pink just because YOU want to, and here’s to all of us blushing beautifully in the glow of our own light.

Clematis 'Montana Rubens'



Apple Blossom

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