A Shout Out for a Great Product

I like my gadgets and gizmo’s, particularly the ones in the kitchen. When I had a catering business, I found every tool that would do all sorts of great things: like press a hard-cooked egg into a square, twirl-cut radishes, make cucumbers paper-thin, scoop out butter into scallops, and the like. Finding tools to use in my studio is no exception, however I do like to find tools that really, really do the job. At this time of my life, I’m more about quality than quantity. Take for instance, fringe-cut scissors. At first I thought “Who needs them? I can make a series of snips and cuts.” But when I found some on sale, I decided to splurge and treat myself. Am I glad I did. They are fantastic. What makes them work is the consistency of the cut and the time one saves (several cuts at once, vs. having to do it individually). I recommend these scissors for the paper artist. My girlfriend who is an art doll artist even uses them on fabric.

However, this post is about the Non-stick Craft Sheet by Ranger®. At first I was skeptical. Reusable? Heat resistant? Non-penetrating? Easy clean-up? Yes! I use it a great deal for glue projects. The dried glue peels right off the sheet and it’s ready for next time. The project shown is when I made magnets from buttons. Because  buttons have holes, I discovered that some of the adhesive went through potentially creating a sticky-situation on the bottom.

 On a regular surface, the button would have stuck but when the glue was dry, I gently pulled the button off the sheet. It really worked so that quickly and effectively ended my skepticism.

Paint wipes off easily as well. While I haven’t tried the heat-resistant feature  I’m sure there will be a great use for it when I use my heat gun for melting plastic or warming craft foam.

Button Magnets Being Assembled

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