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I’m sorry to have been away from posting for awhile. Two events happened which took me away:  our major kitchen remodel and a boating accident. But the former is almost finished (just need  quartz counters installed and oak flooring stained and sealed) and I am feeling much better with the latter (I now know what an accordian feels like). So neither floods, fire, or famine, OR doom, defeat, or despair (or remodels or torso compression) can stop an artist from her appointed rounds!  So here is what has taken me into the sanctuary I call my studio.

Fascinator Headband on Model


Fascinator Headbands

I have been making what I call “fascinator headbands.” I decided on that order instead of headband fascinators as they seemed more of a headband with a fascinator attached to it. I don’t know-guess it really doesn’t matter.

I started with a basic plastic, flexible headband and covered it with one inch wide velvet ribbon. The first one took longer than I wanted, as the ribbon kept slipping while I stitched the edges together on the underside of the headband. Besides the stitching being awkward, the slipping was driving me crazy. There had to be an easier way and then it hit me: double sided tape. It worked beautifully. It was placed on the inside of the headband and held the ribbon in place so I could blind-stitch the ribbon together. So what took about 40 minutes previously now was accomplished in just under 15 minutes. I love it when an idea works!


The vintage millinery flowers, velvet leaves, and assorted ribbon roses I made are glued onto a small piece of buckram (which I chose for stability).  The larger flowers were placed in the middle with smaller ones surrounding them. The leaves are placed around the perimeter and actually extended past the buckram. When the bouquet was completed it got glued onto the headband, placed just off of center. A coordinating piece of felt was cut to size to cover the buckram and headband to finish it nicely.

Underside of Headband


These headbands, along with my jewelry and up-cycled, reconstructed tops from Raggedy Ends will be featured at an upcoming event.  I will be an artisan vendor at the Bainbridge Bluegrass Festival July 28, 2012 on Bainbridge Island , Washington.




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