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I recently had a booth at the Bainbridge Bluegrass Festival. I featured my “Raggedy Ends” line of clothing, fascinator headbands, steampunk jewelry, and embellishments for the home. This post will show some of the items I took. The next post will show my booth from start to finish.

Steampunk Bracelets

Steampunk Necklaces

Raggedy Ends Clothing Display

Fascinator Headbands



I had purchased some glitzy-sparkly foo-foo’s some time ago with the intention of turning them into the tops of magic wands. I have been looking at them for about 5 years and I decided I would look no more. I grabbed dowels and ribbon and crafted away.  I wrapped each wand with ribbon, tacking the ribbon to the dowel every so often to keep it in place. Then I took 3″ wide ribbon to make a ruff around the base of the glitzy-sparkly foo-foo. Each ribbon was hot-glued and I went around making a complete circle of ribbons. Each one had 5-6 of the ribbons. I tied them all together with another ribbon and then added more narrow ribbons for more movement when the wand was flicked to make the magic.

Magic Wand


With the papier-mache stars, I gessoed, applied paper pulp, then painted them white when dry. I free-handed “when you wish upon a star” in the center and finished with vintage mica flakes. The wire shoes were decorated with silk flowers, petals, and moss to become Tatania’s slippers. I also featured paper slippers along with papier-mache plaques decorated with silk flowers and ribbon trim. I had a saying on each on then covered the surface with beeswax for depth.

Items being packed to take to show

Tatania’s Slippers

Items taken to show

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