My Etsy Shop is Open

After holding it in my head for a few months, my tipping point came when a good friend said to me “You should be on Etsy.” Well, it wasn’t that I disagreed, it was simply a function of focus and time. But one can hear the words inside of your head just so long and then the balance shifts, and the tipping point is reached. What was incubating inside my head moved to my hands and I went forward.

On a wing and a prayer and with bubble gum and spit, I took photos, got the banner designed, wrote my profile, decided on shipping/shop policies, described/priced the product and yesterday I pushed the button to open the shop. Fear and fascination in the same breath….I’m not in my little corner of the island anymore. But that was how I felt when my website was launched. It is easy to have a mindset of being local and staying around the area doing shows and teaching workshops. But obviously the web has made our backyard global and is seen by millions instead of the few.

So the shop is  I opened with a few products and will be adding more as I go. I will be creating vintage-inspired embellishments for the home and personal one-of-a-kind accessories.  I will be using the materials which inspire me and bring joy to my spirit just by looking at them.: glitter, aged paper, ribbons, millinery,old lace,  fabric, vintage photos, and things that are undeniably romantically feminine.

The images posted here are a few of the items in the shop. The shell has a message of love “my love is deep as the ocean” which would be wonderful for a beach wedding. The two vials have dandelion fluffs and is called “wish” and the other holds seed pods from a Japanese maple tree where I live. That one is called “fly.” The former would be a great birthday present and the latter a present for a newly-divorced person, graduate,  or someone starting a new job.

Decorated Shell with Love Message

Jar of Dandelion Fluffs

Jar of Japanese Maple Seed Pods “Fly”

My late husband would look at some of my pieces and ask “What do they do?”  I would answer, “Why do they have to DO anything?” Well, that stopped his masculine brain. Things have to serve a function by doing something I suppose. So having been asked that question by him on numerous occasions, I finally answered “What they do is make people (women) smile and feel good.” “Oh, so they just sit-around?” Well, yes I suppose so. So hence came our inside name for what I create: “Sit Arounds.”

I hope you take a moment and check out my shoppe. As I said, items will be arriving often so please check back.

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