My Grandson’s Birthday Party

My grandson recently turned three years of age. While I endeavor to keep much of my private life out of the blog, I want to share the images with you with the hope of sharing ideas and to provide inspiration and information.

Chick Deviled Eggs


















To celebrate his big day, my daughter hosted a family get-together for lunch. Far be it for me to show up without any food (once a caterer, always a caterer OR you can take the girl out of the home economics class but you can’t take the home economics class out of the girl!). I had seen the image of deviled eggs turned into “hatching chicks” on and thought I could easily do it. As his birthday is in March, it seemed fitting to “Think Spring.”

Having only the image to go on, it’s pretty self-explanatory but please learn from my “School of Hard Knocks” and benefit from my experience. Fortunately, I discovered that most of  the eggs had a flat bottom but a few needed to be slightly shaved to give a firm base. I had a wavy carrot cutter (remember I mentioned I used to cater?) so it was used to cut off the upper third of the egg. I figured it would look more like it had been cracked, rather than using a straight knife. The hard part was getting the yolk out.

I used a serrated grapefruit spoon (again, I like kitchen gadgets) to help pull it out but overall, I found that if I gently squeezed the egg, the yolk sort of wiggled its way to the top. After all the yolks were smashed and deviled, I used a frosting bag with large tip to fill the cavity. Not only is that the easy way to go to fill eggs, but it gave the chick a fluffy look. There needs to be a reasonable amount of yolk to provide a “face” and to support  the white egg cap. I was going to use small pieces of black olive but used raisins instead which were already opened and then cut a narrow piece of carrot for the beak.  Celery top leaves were chopped for the eggs to nestle into. Overall it was easy but rather time-consuming.


Truck Cake


















The photo is the birthday dump truck cake my clever daughter made. What three year-old boy wouldn’t light up to see this cake ? There was a lively adult conversation whether or not it was a Mack truck or another type but to his eyes it was simply wonderful. The “dirt” in the hopper was made up of pretzels, M&M’s®, and broken chocolate wafer cookies. The wheels were chocolate mini donuts and windows were from a bar of white chocolate. Red licorice was used for lights and frame. It truly was  too cute to cut into!



Wool Owl


I found a charming book, Countryside Softies, by Amy Adams. It is a wonderful book of how to craft various animals by using felted wool and using mostly hand-stitching. The hand-stitching lends for a more “primitive” look and using felt with the blanket stitch makes it easy and no worries about raveling edges. An owl collection has been started for my grandson so I chose the large owl pattern from the book. I amended the patteren slightly by changing the feet and not adding the crest to its head. The patterns are simple and easy-to-follow.  I highly recommend the book.

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