My Studio-Where I Create, Play, and Dream

My studio is a place of tremendous contentment and joy. When I am having a hectic time and feel stretched and pulled, all I need to do is walk into my space and am filled with calm. Not only is it my production and classroom space, the studio is also my sanctuary. I am lucky in that I am surrounded by beautiful product that is used to make vintage inspired accessories for the home and self.

Inspiring Ladies


For organization and to keep things as dust-free as possible, most supplies are kept in labeled bins. I find that I need some things out so I can see them and be surrounded by their beauty.

My Inspiration Area

Close-up of display case.

I collect hat boxes to use as storage in my fabric/soft area. This room contains my ribbon, fabric, yarn, feathers, vintage dresses, dress forms, clothing.

New and Vintage Hat Boxes


This dress form has a delightfully full and ruffled petticoat from the 50’s. Along with a pink brocaded corset, I use it as a place to pin inspiring photos and put on my favorite silk and vintage flowers.

Dress Form with Inspiration

This is one of the ribbon racks I have. This one as a feature that cradles the spool so I can easily add and remove ribbons. The other rack I have has a dowel going through the spools’ center. The latter is cumbersome when a new or spent spool needs to be added or removed so I really love the one pictured.

Ribbon Rack

These images are from the  studio space where I keep all of the “soft” things such as fabric, yarn, ribbon, flowers, feathers. A large table in the center is used for large sewing projects and for workshops and classes through Fernwood Studio.  There is also another room used entirely for  production and is usually quite chaotic to the outside eye. Even when it gets clean and tidied, stuff just seems to come back as though drawn like magnet attraction. I suppose I think best in chaos or at least organized clutter. Because I do so many mixed-media projects, there is a whole bunch of supplies needed. Storing paint, glue, paper, glitter, beads, boxes, doilies, tiles, etc etc etc. is a constant challenge.

Perhaps the last picture says it:

Sign in My Studio

I don’t necessarily mean to indulge just in stuff; but to indulge in the joys of the spirit and the drive to create. I am incredibly lucky to have two rooms for studio space. I encourage you to find a space, even if it is a card table tucked into a corner or a re-vamped version of a linen closet. The important thing is to find the place to create.

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