No Fuss Quickie Floral Arrangement

This is the hostess bouquet I took to my daughter when we visited her family for Christmas day.
Believe it or not, I put it together as we were loading the car. To my critical and trained-eye, there was room for improvement, but I offer it up as an example of how easy it is to do it and have reasonable results. In my previous post, I described “guerrilla decorating” and this post falls under the same category.

I had purchased the red roses and white daisy mums from the local grocery store and with the wreath work I do, the evergreen boughs were already standing by. I used noble fir for form and stability and cedar for softness and drape. The fir went in first, followed by the cedar. Next the mums were cut to size. If you are not sure where to cut the stem, place it in front of the vase where you want the stem to be placed and you will readily see where to make the cut. But just like in soup preparation, start with just a little bit of salt (a little cut) and do more as needed.

The mums were placed evenly around, some cut shorter then others for mixed heights. The mums were put in before the roses, as they were larger and would carry the load of the arrangement. Then the roses were cut to size and placed evenly around, some shorter than others. I don’t usually use use baby’s breath in arrangements, but this time it would have been nice as it would have added a “snowy” effect. Red glass ball ornaments affixed with twist ties to chopsticks or bamboo skewers would have added a festive touch. If I had had a few more minutes, I probably would have included them.

There is no reason to make things any more complicated than they need to be. If you what you design with a bit of abandon and “it doesn’t matter” attitude, you will find yourself having fun and the results will show it. This is about enjoyment, not agony. Have fun!

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