On-the-Fly Tablescape

I hosted a dinner party recently and had little time to put things together, let alone think about the table setting. I post a photo here to show what can be done with what is available and how the result looks like there was time and effort behind it.


The garden had a batch of red tulips and I had recently purchased some red placemats at Goodwill. I like the eclectic look so I used 4 black and white plates, none of which matched. I then used four red glass goblets I happily found at the dollar store a few years ago. Then with the black and white napkins, everything came together beautifully. Mercury glass cups with tea lights anchored the look and brought it all together.

Part of the secret is to have things available to use and since much of what I purchase is from thrift stores and garage sales, I can indulge my love of creating tablescapes easily and affordably. On my website, there are photos on the Gilded Lily page that show some of the decorative tablescapes I have assembled.http://tigerlilysattic.com/gilded-lily/

Having a color helps give a road map and a direction and from that, everything seems to fall into place. Certainly having confidence that not having everything “matchy-matchy” helps.


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