Possessed with Garage Sales

I love to garage sale and find myself spending many Saturday mornings ferreting out amazing things. I have been actively “thrifting” for over 7 years and turned my love of finding treasures into a little business, called The Rabbit Hole-posted on my home page www.tigerlilysattic.com). I leave around 8am and return home around 10am having been to at least 6-8 sales. I move fast and don’t dally too long at each one as there are others to conquer! I am open to whatever treasure is placed in my path, but I do look for certain items, like picture frames, silverplate serving pieces, suitcases, vintage fabric, spoons/forks, and lace.I re-purpose much of what I find and either use in my shows for props or to re-sell in The Rabbit Hole.

Garage Sale Treasures

These are some of the items I found last Saturday. The suitcase was a steal at $2 and inside I discovered the most amazing thing-one of the owners wrote their name inside which happens to be the last name of the special man I am with. Incredible. I am planning on having some trunk shows this fall so I am now on the hunt for vintage suitcases. The dress was bought for the lace on the collar. I will carefully remove it and use it on a top that I up-cycle through Raggedy Ends.  I’m sure the fabric will be used for ribbon roses or trim on the edge of a top.

The silverplate tray and candlesticks will be used to make the tray into a pedestal by gluing a candlestick to the bottom. The 6-hole muffin tin will be used for my change at shows and the picture frame will be turned into a magnet memo board or jewelry holder with small wire cloth in place of the glass. The tea pot will hold the paper roses I’ll be making one of these days.

The sign “Dance by the Light of the Moon” was just for fun and just for me.

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