Preparing for an Upcoming Show

Once again I find myself chagrined that I have been “in-absentia” with blog posting. Even though I have recovered from the Memorial Day boating accident, our major kitchen remodel continued to gain momentum and with life disrupted completely, it was all I could do to find a spoon and a frying pan. I am excited about posting the before and after photos soon. The quartz counters get installed in two days then afterwards I can post dramatic photos of the beginning and the end. Since most of it was DIY, progress was slow but we have the tremendous satisfaction of knowing we did it! The remodel consisted of removal of entire kitchen and the re-doing lighting, floor plan, wall and ceiling, installing new cabinets, installing oak flooring and new countertops. And with all of that, I am doing a garage sale again in three days.

So in the meantime, I wanted to post some photos of the props and decorations I will be using in the booth at the upcoming Bluegrass Festival on Bainbridge Island, WA July 28, 2012. I will be featuring upcycled, reconstructed clothing under my label of Raggedy Ends, hair fascinators, steampunk jewelry, and vintage paper accessories for home decoration. Since the overall look of the display will be vintage, aged paper and cream/beige colors will be used. Muslin, lace, and burlap will be the fabrics of choice this time.


Bare Mannequin

Gluing tissue onto mannequin

Finished mannequins

I purchased two plastic mannequins (black and white) and decided to soften and age them. I tore pieces of dressmaker’s tissue and laid them randomly over the shape and painted  with Mod-Podge. Each layer dried before I started again. I discovered that brushing from the inside then to the outside of the paper helped keep it flat and also using my finger to gently press folds flat down worked better than the brush. It took 3 layers to cover the white and black to my satisfaction. They are open in the back so we will be anchoring the inside of the legs with screws into a wooden base that has been painted black. They will be used for displaying my clothes and necklaces. I also have two floor mannequins but these are for the table and will help add height to the table tops.


The next post will give a shout-out for a great product I discovered. Talk with you then.

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