The Other Deck Project

“In my previous post I showed before and after photos of the deck project we are working on. Phase 1 started last summer, with Phase 2 (and last phase) having been recently completed. The removal was primarily driven by how slippery and slimey wood decks become in the Pacific northwest in the winter.

They represent continual maintenance (read: Work) and in trying to reduce the “W” word in my life, it occurred to me that the decks could be removed without any significant loss of function or practical functions.

Side Deck Demolition Begins

This post shows the before and after photos of the area between the house and detached garage. It is a shady area so that deck really got slippery in the winter.  It also was the area that was the place junk and stuff got placed (and left).  As it served as the way to the back yard, a deck was almost unnecessary. So without much discussion or consideration, the area became next on the demolition hit list.

Deck Replaced with Concrete

Shade Tolerant Plants

To add the feng shui element of bringing in more yin to balance out the yang, 3 planter boxes were added with shade-tolerant plants: hosta, bleeding hearts, pulmonaria, heuchera, coleus, lysimachia, and ferns. The finished product is beautiful and it is now a joy to walk to the workshop and back yard. The existing lions-head wall fountain splashes into a plastic-lined section of the planter box below it. Broken cement chunks were used to compliment the ones used on the other side of the house and baby tears will be added between them so soften the edges.

Side Deck Completed

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