Vinyl Letter Magnet Tray Tutorial

I recently put these metal trays together to serve as magnet boards. I purchased the oval trays from the dollar store and found vinyl sticky-back letters from craft stores. Some carry words and phrases ready-to-go while other stores just carry an assortment of letters. Be sure there are enough extra letters to form any/all of the words you want to feature. To hang the trays, I drilled two holes on opposite sides and placed a 1″ satin ribbon through each hole and knotted the ends. The knots would soon be covered with sweet little bows.

To start, make sure the tray is oil-free and dry. If you have the word/phrase that is backwards on a paper, you must thoroughly burnish the letters. I used one of the “promo” credit cards that come in junk mail or an expired credit card or bone folder would work fine as well. Once the burnishing is completed, carefully carefully carefully pull off the paper in a 45° angle. When the sticky letters are completely exposed, flip them over and place in center of tray. Burnish again and carefully lift away the paper. Voila! Just like that it is completed.  Words I used were: Love, Hope, Dream, Wish, Once Upon a Time, Queen. I also added a magnet on each tray that I sold. This project is incredibly easy, inexpensive, and so effective. Have fun!

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