With Only a Few Flower Stems

I often hear my friends say that  they can’t put together a floral arrangement because their garden only has a few flowers on each plant.  I offer this post to show you how a beautiful flower arrangement can happen even with a few stems from a small amount of flowers and foliage. The magic happens when 1-3 stems of a flower are put together with 1-3 stems of another flower and  1-3 stems of another flower, so on and so on. In other words, a bouquet can be made-up of several “onesies and twosies.”

Flower and foliage assortment


For this arrangement, I used stems from the following: 1 hosta flower, 1 sedum, 3 persicaria, 3 anemones, 3 crocosmia, 3 buddleia, 2 campanulas, 2 hosta leaves, 2 lunaria seed pods, 1 golden cotinus, 3 choisya, 3 paniculata hydrangeas.

Floral Arrangement

When I do an arrangement with a bunch of different flowers, I hold them in my hand to make the bouquet. I start with the center, usually one  of the larger heads, and proceed around placing stems evenly spaced. For instance, with 3 stems of a flower, I’ll place them 1/3 the way around. If the flower is very delicate and small, I will bunch stems together to make one larger bunch and treat it as if it was one flower. Small flowers will get lost in the overall arrangement if they are particularly tiny.

Another view of flower arrangement

Adding foliage gives life to an arrangement. It is also good to include flowers with buds and just-opening blossoms.

Finished arrangement

And with this classic hand-tied look, you don’t have to fret over considerations of design. It has a casual, country feel and any beginner can accomplish putting a lovely floral arrangement. So don’t worry if you feel your garden is sparse and has only a few stems. When you start gathering a little of this and a little of that, the parts make-up a greater sum. Have fun!

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