Vintage Market Sale

In July 2013, I was a vendor at a local vintage market called “The Pink Rake Vintage Sale.” The hostess had spray painted some rakes  pink and had grouped them at the entrance to mark the spot. The photos show the great displays of vintage laces, aprons, fabrics, furniture, and such.  There were vintage aprons merrily fluttering in the breeze as they hung on a nearby clothesline. The driveway went through her farm which was resplendent in bodacious flowers and close-by were her farm animals. The weather was great so the ambiance was tremendous: there was sunshine, flowers dripping in color, happy customers, eye-candy, and the occasional bleat from the goats and sheep.

Funky and Fun Garden Bed

Funky and Fun Garden Bed

photo photo3 photo 2

I was there with my vintage items from The Rabbit Hole. Many of the items I wanted to take to The Farm Chicks Antique and Vintage show last June in Spokane, WA  didn’t fit, as the trailer wasn’t big enough. So I hosted my own vintage sale at my house then participated in two Pink Rake vintage  sales in July. Vintage is hot hot hot and I love selling my items and buying more from other vendors. It is a shame that an era of glamorous clothing trimmed in luscious laces and crocheted edges is ending. When the embroidered handkerchiefs, “lacey” lingerie,  elegant dresses, feminine bed jackets are gone so goes the elegance of handwork and attention to detail.



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