4 Seasons Wreaths:

Seasonal & Memory Wreaths

4 Seasons Wreaths designs wreaths for all occasions and holidays throughout the year.  We specialize in memory wreaths using flowers from special moments and evergreen wreaths to decorate for the winter holidays.

Memory wreaths are created by carefully drying selected flowers taken from the floral arrangements from weddings, anniversaries, memorial services, etc.  The flowers are arranged in a dried foliage base and will beautifully capture the special memories of the moment.

The wreaths are about 22″-24″ in diameter and range from $45-$75, depending on the size and amount of flowers.  The dried wreaths take up to 2 or 2-½ weeks for completion.  Please contact us for more information.

4 Seasons Wreaths also creates festive, fragrant evergreen wreaths for the winter holidays.  Using indigenous evergreen boughs, a wreath is custom-designed to match your home colors and décor.  Noble, hemlock, Douglas fir, pine, and cedar can be used.  Specialty greens such as juniper, huckleberry, holly, eucalyptus, boxwood, and viburnum are also available.  Cones, pods, berries, and bow can be added for a finishing touch.

The evergreen wreaths are about 22″ in diameter and range from $45-$65 depending on the amount of greens and decorations.

4 Seasons Wreaths also offers those who want to “Do It Yourself” an opportunity to create your own wreath.  Two clamp machines and wire wreath forms are available in a charming on-site greenhouse.  You can bring your own greens or use provided greens.  Instruction is offered.  By appointment only, please contact us for information and directions.

Seasonal and holiday wreaths (above, and below right): custom order, or make your own.

Memory wreaths (above right, and below) include flowers taken from floral arrangements from weddings, anniversaries, memorial services or other occasions.