Rabbit Hole:

Occasional Flea Markets & Sales

Advertising for a past Rabbit Hole Shabby Chic and Pink Boutique sale.

The Rabbit Hole is an on-site venue for occasional flea markets and sales. You’ll find an eclectic mix of shabby chic, antiques, repurposed items, and retro objects for the home and garden. The flea market sales take place several times during spring and summer with new items appearing at each sale.

The Rabbit Hole has showcased theme sales, such as the Shabby Chic and Some Things Pink Boutique sale. Pink feathered boas trimmed lamp shade wire frames, corset and pink petticoated mannequins made a cameo appearance along with plenty of pink lemonade and pink frosted cupcakes. And of course, many pink things were sold at the flea market.

Art, frames, quilts, curtains and more at the Shabby Chic and Some Things Pink sale.

Many items offered for sale have been gently used pieces transformed into repurposed, up-cycled “new” pieces. For example, a broken floor lamp gets a new look with a glass fixture turned upside down to hold fresh flowers, and glass votive cups replace electric light bulb sockets. Glass candlesticks become bases for silver trays, elevating the tray to a new status. Bent spoons serve as hooks and a metal bed spring becomes a display rack. Coffee cups and ceramic plates are glued together to create dessert pedestals.

The Rabbit Hole is a fun flea market with many treasures to find each time. See our schedule for upcoming dates. Contact us for more information.

Above, sale items range from botanical prints and candlesticks to pressed glass and cast iron pieces. Below, more prints, furnishings and quilts at the “Shabby Chic and Pink” sale.

Below, occasional flea market items include wire birdcages, lamps, place settings, and found objects.