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Degas-Inspired Wire Mannequin

An ETSY customer recently asked me to create a Degas-inspired wire mannequin for her daughter’s bedroom. The colors were to be blush pink tones with a touch of soft gray. I was very intrigued with the custom order, particularly when the customer described the colors as being like a Degas painting. I have seen his […]

Evergreen Wreath Tutorial and Slide Show

Fernwood Studio held a workshop on decorating evergreen wreaths for the holidays. I created the wreath base in my greenhouse with a  “wreath making machine” and the students were shown design techniques and had an assortment of pods, cones, nuts, berries, faux fruit, and other delights to use to decorate their wreaths. Mouse over and […]

Current Project

I’m sorry to have been away from posting for awhile. Two events happened which took me away:  our major kitchen remodel and a boating accident. But the former is almost finished (just need  quartz counters installed and oak flooring stained and sealed) and I am feeling much better with the latter (I now know what […]